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May 23, 2021-Acts 2:1-21 (Pentecost Year B)

This episode focuses on proclamation of the gospel on the very first Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is always at work in the one who proclaims and in those hearing the proclamation. For this reason the work of the Christian community…

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May 16, 2021-Acts 1:1-11 (Ascension Sunday-Year B)

This episode explores the beginnings of the acts of the “Spirit.” Jesus left his followers with work to do. This work will bridge what he started and what God will one day bring to fulfillment. By the power of the…

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May 9, 2021-Acts 10:44-48 (Easter 6B)

This episode explores how God is enlarging the table for all to be present. A breakthrough happens when the visions and dreams of Peter and Cornelius give rise to the gospel being preached among the gentiles for the first time.…

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May 2, 2021-Acts 8:26-40 (Easter 5B)

This episode explores how “the universal gospel becomes universal in application.” The rich story of Philip and the Ethiopian reveals how God is breaking open a new reality of grace and love. Can the love of God reach to the…

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April 25, 2021 – Acts 4:5-12 (Easter 4B)

This episode explores what it means to be a witness for Jesus Christ in the world. Both our words and our actions express an abiding faith in Jesus with a deep sense of integrity. If we are to represent Christ…

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Easter Sunday-John 20:1-18, BETA 1

This episode explores the reading for Sunday, April 4 Easter Sunday. John 20:1-18 offers a glimpse into the transition we all have to make from death to life. Do we want to live in the Garden of Eden or the…