Woman play game on cellphone inside coffee shop

Religious Apps & Games (School Part 2)

(This post is again another school-based project for my class at BU.)

My “go to” religious app is linked to a piece of software that I have used for thirty years. The Logos bible software app has been a constant companion to my ministry since its beginning. Not only does it feature fully curated libraries of biblical texts, commentaries, and other resources, it also features tools for daily prayer and spiritual practices. (http://www.logos.com)

Overcast is a podcasting app that makes trying together themes and ideas as easy as possible. Other podcasting apps require you to know what you are looking for. Overcast helps focus your search to find material, in this case religious, with ease. (http://overcast.fm)

There are two religious games that caught my eye: 1)Bible Quiz trivia game seems to engage at a level that tests and stretches biblical knowledge. 2)Bible Hero also stretches biblical knowledge but in a more narrative form as the stories one has to guess involve different biblical characters.