1 Kings 2:1-4, 10-12 | June 2, 2024

Passing on a legacy is complicated. For parents, it often means sharing the learnings from one's successes and failures. When King David draws close to his own death, he pauses to share some important words with his son Solomon. Like any parent, David wants his son to learn from his father, for good or ill.


  1. The question you ask is rhetorical – “What kind of God blesses a murderous adulterer like David?”
    After having struggled with this notion, you answered it when you said “Faithfulness to God matters more than anything.” And David certainly proves his faith is so many ways. His Psalms really show his faithfulness and love to God.

    • Jan –

      So true…if we cannot find ourselves in David, we may have lost touch with what it means to be redeemed!


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