July 16, 2023 – Revelation 5:6-14

If God is at the center of all things, how we find a way to live like that is true? Making space to respond to God is often driven by our deep needs which at times can be broken and in need of healing. God is at the center of all things. This week we explore how to set our lives in a manner that truly makes God the center and star.


  1. If Caesar wanted to be God, he must have already known about the almighty Jewish God and wanting to imitate Him. Thereby making him inferior/second to God.

    Also on your comment about Christian nationalism, can we call the U.S. a Christian nation? Or were you referring to separation of church and state?

    Thanks so much for the great podcast! God must be pleased with your honor of Him.

    • Jan- Jews and Christians were persecuted by the Romans as “atheists” since they rejected the Roman gods. For them, it was an all or none scenario. So, Caesar would have heard of the Jewish God, but would have rejected any notion that YHWH or the Christian god were real.

      For your second question, I do not believe that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation hence, the separation of church and state. Many of the founders were Christians while many others were deists, Masons, and other forms of religious expression.

      Thanks for the qood questions!


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