November 12, 2023 – Matthew 5:33-37

Words are important. Our promises are important. This week's episode explores how we can use our words, both written and verbal, to express our heart more clearly. When we do so, clarity and authenticity can happen in surprising ways!

September 12, 2021-James 3:1-12 (Pentecost 16-Year B)

Words have power. During these days of pandemic, political challenges, and social media words have power in new ways. The capacity to bring life and to deal death with what we say is unrivaled. This week's episode explores how God's…

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August 29, 2021-James 1:17-27 (Pentecost 14-Year B)

The Book of James opens a new way of thinking for people in the midst of suffering, hardship, and even persecution. This week's episode explores some of these deep themes of listening and humility. For James, wisdom is the foundation…