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May 2, 2021-Acts 8:26-40 (Easter 5B)

This episode explores how “the universal gospel becomes universal in application.” The rich story of Philip and the Ethiopian reveals how God is breaking open a new reality of grace and love. Can the love of God reach to the…

Passages Podcast Cover Art

April 25, 2021 – Acts 4:5-12 (Easter 4B)

This episode explores what it means to be a witness for Jesus Christ in the world. Both our words and our actions express an abiding faith in Jesus with a deep sense of integrity. If we are to represent Christ…

Passages Podcast Cover Art

Easter Sunday-John 20:1-18, BETA 1

This episode explores the reading for Sunday, April 4 Easter Sunday. John 20:1-18 offers a glimpse into the transition we all have to make from death to life. Do we want to live in the Garden of Eden or the…